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Writing and icon journal of [personal profile] birgitriddle and [personal profile] serpentine. This journal exists mostly for the posting of fanfiction, original fiction, and icons. Most of the original fiction will be friends locked unless they are done for prompt communities.

For fanfic written in the past, our AO3 Archive is here. Eventually there will be a master list post here of all the fic there when I get around to it. I am also still in the process of moving fics onto the archive.

Also, I take part in a muse related community called [community profile] musing_way and I have a total of eight active muses there. Some are characters that I do not own and some are of my own creation.

They are:
[personal profile] masked_crow - Jonathan Crane (Batman - Nolan Verse)
[personal profile] lost_soldier - Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)
[personal profile] biologist_brenna - Brenna Victore Hojo (Final Fantasy VII OC)
[personal profile] firedancer - Xavier Darman Firestarter (Original Character - Melluman Chronicles)
[personal profile] war_mage - Thomas Joseph Hawke (Original Character - Shadows)
[personal profile] shadows_own - Benjamin Harris (Original Character - Shadow Trickster)
[personal profile] ryan_matthews - Ryan Matthews (Original Character - Untitled Vampire Story)
[personal profile] timewanderer - Itxoep-kané (Original Character - Naccan Cycle)
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