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Title: Scarred Inside and Out
Chapter: One of ?
Author: [personal profile] serpentine

Fandom: Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Character(s): Amon, Lieutenant
Pairing: Amon/Lieutenant
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 472

Summary: Amon survived what his brother did not and his former Lieutenant finds him years later, only to find a bitter man who wants nothing to do with him.
Author's Notes: So, this is not only my first time writing this pairing, but writing in this universe, so it's pretty much a new thing to me. I wrote it as well as I could. This was originally posted on Tumblr at [ profile] serpent-child.
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are not my creations nor do I own them or the universe they come from.

“Why did you even bother finding me?”

Amon– no Noatak, covered the left side of his face with his hand and looked down and away when he noticed his former lieutenant approach him outside of his house. However, he was not fast enough with his hand and Liu still saw the scars that now covered that part of Noatak’s face. It wasn’t just his face that was scarred though, for there were scars on his left hand as well.

Liu wondered how much worse it was, where he couldn’t see it, but he didn’t say a thing. It was clear from Noatak’s posture and tone of voice that the man had fallen far from the self-confident and charismatic figure he had once been. To see this broke Liu’s heart for he still loved the man, even if it took him years to come to terms with Amon’s betrayal.

Breaking the silence, Noatak spoke, “If you’re here for revenge for what I did to you…for all of my lies..”

“I’ve come to peace with that. I wish you had trusted me, but—”

“Go away. I just want to be left alone.” Noatak stood up and turned to go inside.

“What happened Amon? What happened to your spirit?”

Noatak stopped and laughed bitterly, “Don’t call me that name. Amon is dead. Just like Noatak is.”

“Then who are you if you are neither?”

“I’m nobody and I prefer it to stay that way. I’ve lost my purpose in life and when I thought I was going to finally be able to spend the rest of my life with my brother in peace…he tries to blow up both of us! Except I survived and he did not,” Noatak laughed that bitter laugh again, “I feel like I should’ve been the one who died, but instead the spirits decided to be cruel and give me life in a scarred body just like I had once lied about having.”

“I may not be your brother, but I do still love you.”

“…I have a hard time believing in that. You were in love with an ideal, not the real me. I’m not a good person and…just please leave me alone.” With that, Noatak or whoever he was now, walked into his small, one room house and closed the door behind him, leaving Liu outside.

However, Noatak’s words had not changed Liu’s mind about getting to know the person behind the mask for Liu knew that something in Noatak’s past must’ve led him on the path that made him Amon and he was curious as to what that was. And so Liu stayed outside of Noatak’s tiny shelter and hoped that perhaps the man he loved would change his mind and actually talk to him instead of hide behind another mask, this one a mask of self-hatred.
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