Jan. 3rd, 2011

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Community: [community profile] 1sentencefic
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character: Tom Riddle (AU)

Table: One
Rules: One sentence per prompt.

1.Doll 2.Nightmare 3.Smile 4.Feather 5.Jump
6.Confusion 7.Explanation 8.Sky 9.Name 10.Flame
11.Eyes 12.Fight 13.Dance 14.Winter 15.Drink
16.Perfect 17.Expression 18.Escape 19.Mask 20.Bonds
21.Home 22.Hair 23.Forgotten 24.Whisper 25.Red
26.Mind 27.Temple 28.Danger 29.Bruise 30.Paper
31.Temptation 32.Shrug 33.Frown 34.Down 35.Comfort
36.Loss 37.Found 38.Mercy 39.Trouble 40.Hate
41.Broom 42.Shield 43.Tree 44.Sleep 45.Alley
46.Present 47.Caught 48.Now 49.Up 50.Click
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