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I feel inspired to write some Melluma-verse stories for various reasons.

One is that I was thinking about the different types of mages in Melluma and how I probably should explore how mages work other than the fire mages, who are the ones I focus on primarily in the planned books. What made me think of doing this was the fact that maybe I should develop the void/dark mages more than I have (void and dark are related, but not the same - however, they both tend to work outside the parameters of most other mages and so hang out together). So I'm going to possibly write some short stories about mages other than fire mages along with developing my main characters more.

Second, some people have done artwork of characters from my stories. One is an illustration by [personal profile] meeks based on the short piece First Warning. The illustrator was asking for possible prompts to illustrate, so I offered this story. I am rather fond of the illustration because it feels perfect.

I've also commissioned a piece of artwork from canadian-smallfry on DeviantArt. I asked for a digitally colored drawing of Xavier Darman and she's posted it here. The commission price was fairly cheap and she's still taking them, I think if I read her dA account right. But yeah, Xavier is practicing his sword play. <3

So I think I'll write today if I can get the energy.
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