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Title: Lessons
Author: [personal profile] birgitriddle
Fandom: Earthsea
Character(s): Ged, Tenar, Tehanu
Pairing: Ged/Tenar
Rating: G
Word Count: 1104

Summary: Ged and his thoughts during the first Sunreturn he spends with Tenar and Tehanu.
Author's Notes: Written for Yuletide 2010 for Eledhwen. This story takes place during the book Tehanu. Because of this Tehanu is referred to by the name of Therru and Ogion is called by his true name, Aihal.
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are not my creations nor do I own them. They were created and belong to Ursula K. LeGuin.

Ged was not the man he was a year ago. )
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